Vision & Mission


Education being the supreme among all the treasures and virtues of life, it shall be our endeavour to impart quality education towards the creation of innovative minds and striving to instill the sense of right morale, attitude and intellect among the students so that they are equipped with the best of knowledge, skills, competence and aptitude to be utilized for their individual betterment and the prosperity of the society and above all, the country. 


 To be a hub of pivotal echelon of academic excellence in technical education, through developing a framework for conscientious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of the budding technocrats of this modern technical arena.
 Discover, disseminate and also apply updated knowledge through cutting-edge teaching-learning approaches and thus engineering innovative, entrepreneurial and ethical human capitals.
 Foster a comprehensive and enriched program of extracurricular activities.
 Enable students to be proactive, goal-oriented, optimistic, credible, professionally competent and responsible citizens.
 Developing a valued resource for industry and academia.