Student Councilers

In North Tripura District Polytechnic, Dharmanagar we have student counselors in all disciplines. For facing any academic and administrative difficulties the students get help from the student counselors.

The main functions of the student counselor are:

  • Collecting up to date information of the students.
  • Encouraging students for different innovative activities
  • Try to solve any academic or administrative problem through the departmental H.O.D. & the principal

Student Counselors for the respective year:

  • Civil Engineering
    • 1st Year – Dipayan Deb
    • 2nd Year – Rajnik Pal
    • 3rd Year – Debabrata Debbarma
  • Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
    • 1st Year – Sumit Nandi
    • 2nd Year – Dilip Debbarma
    • 3rd Year – Bijoy Krishna Das
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • 1st Year – Dipanjan Das
    • 2nd Year – Tanoj Debbarma
    • 3rd Year – Debapratim Debnath